Anger Management 12 Week/hour Online & Home-study Certificate Course


Do you want to personally grow in managing your anger, building your relationships and developing emotional intelligence? This 12 week/hour online course includes the most effective strategies for transforming anger into healthy skills to achieve healthy goals! You will gain a new perspective on anger, conflict, stress, forgiveness and relationships!
Note: if you are court or employer ordered to take this course — seek approval from the court official, employer or attorney.

What’s Good About Anger? 12 week/hour certificate program for personal growth or court/employer-ordered individuals.

Overview and Instructions

Online course access to the 12 week/hour course & the What’s Good About Anger? combination book/workbook, Video on flash drive (65 min), quizzes and certificate provided

Lessons include:

  1. Anger: friend or foe?
  2. The Process of Anger – it’s triggers
  3. What IS Good About Anger?
  4. Defusing Anger by Managing Stress
  5. Handling Anger Effectively
  6. Anger and Assertiveness
  7. Managing Conflict
  8. Turn Your Anger into Forgiveness
  9. When to Take a Time-Out
  10. Plan to Change Your Life by Changing Your Thinking
  11. Empathy and Emotional Intelligence
  12. Building Successful Relationships

Are you mandated by a court, employer, school or institution to take an anger management course? This certificate course includes 12 weeks of lessons and assignments based on What’s Good About Anger?(2016 edition) with expanded topics, Video on flash drive (65 min), quizzes, final exam, recommendations and a completion certificate. View course outline below.

Many courts and employers throughout the USA have approved our online and home study anger management courses. This program is offered by Lynette J. Hoy, a National Certified Counselor, Marriage and Family Counselor, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the State of Illinois, NAMA Certified Anger Management Specialist-V, Supervisor, Consultant and Diplomate with the National Anger Management Association, Domestic Violence Advocate and Crisis Counselor. Lynette is the co-author of all editions of What’s Good About Anger?, the author of all the workbooks and training manuals. Mrs. Hoy has trained hundreds of students and clients in anger and conflict management.

The 12-week course covers the following topics and goals:

In What’s Good About Anger? co-authors Lynette Hoy and Ted Griffin teach how to decrease stress and turn anger into assertiveness, problem-solving, conflict management, empathy and forgiveness! Participants learn to identify the problem, power and process of anger (from annoyance to bitterness or rage); effective examples of “good anger”; and how research-based skills impact anger and can be used for good purposes.

Participants will gain a new perspective on anger, how to prevent flare-ups and how to better manage responses to provoking situations. Chronic anger can be costly – physically, emotionally and relationally. Most people can use their anger in appropriate ways in some situations, and yet can be ineffectual or harmful in other situations. Participation in this anger management course can reduce levels of anger, and help individuals learn ways to direct anger into healthy, effective coping behaviors to stop escalation and to resolve conflicts.

Logging anger, triggering situations and applying new approaches helps individuals to contain and manage anger.

Goals: To reduce levels of anger in provocative situations. To learn effective coping behaviors in order to halt escalation of anger and to resolve conflicts

Participation in this anger management course can help you:

  • reduce levels of anger
  • direct anger into healthy ways of problem-solving
  • learn effective coping behaviors such as time-outs, prayer to stop escalation
  • address issues with assertiveness and requests
  • identify triggering situations
  • change unhealthy thinking
  • establish a strategy and plan of action
  • learn to forgive
  • apply new coping approaches such as conflict management and empathy skills.

You will receive:

  • The book/workbook (2016)
  • Video on flash drive (65 min)
  • Online course access and home-study materials
  • 12 lesson workbook
  • quizzes
  • final exam
  • 12-week/hour certificate (upon completion)