Anger Management Institute Starter Kit for Leaders


Discounted $100.00. The Anger Management Institute Starter Set includes Ten Steps to Starting an Anger Management Business, Anger Management Curriculum for Individuals and Groups,  65 min. video on flash drive, handouts and Power Point Presentation, (15) 17-week/lesson What’s Good About Anger? Dealing with Rage Expanded book/workbooks (2021), 17 week/lesson Leader’s Guide, letter, program description templates for courts and employers, and pdf files of inventories, assessments and more. Addon the Anger Management Specialist Certification online training course and phone supervision below to obtain certification from the National Anger Management Association!

Anger Management Institute Starter Set ($100.00 discount)


This kit is designed to prepare you to set up your anger management practice and services. Included in the kit is: Ten Steps to Starting an Anger Management Business, curriculum for groups, how to connect and advertise your services to courts, schools, employers, attorneys and others in the community.

Here are the following resources, inventories and tools you may use with your clients and groups.
Anger Management Curriculum for Individuals and Groups:
• Video on flash drive (65 min.) and flash drive with handouts and Power Point Presentation
• (20) 17-week/lesson What’s Good About Anger? Expanded book/workbooks (2021). Or you may select up to a combination of 20 book/workbooks for adults, teens or couples.
• 17 week/lesson adult Leader’s Guide (Add a discounted teen and/or couples leader’s guide below)
• Assessments, inventories and more!

Materials for Courts and Employers:
• Instructions and letters for introducing and describing your programs and credentials to Courts, Employers, Attorneys and Organizations
• PDF templates for: registration, advertising, release of information, group guidelines, assessments, survey, evaluations, enrollment, discharge, certificates, follow-up; progress, driving, belief, guilt and motivation inventories and questionnaires.

The Anger Management Institute is designated legally as a DBA organization with branch offices in the Chicagoland area.
Once you purchase this kit you may advertise that you are using the What’s Good About Anger? Curriculum which provides research-based strategies for effective change.
Please note that this product/kit is non-refundable due to the copyrighted pdf files and templates which you are allowed to reproduced.

Add the Anger Management Specialist certification online course and phone supervision above for a discount!

Receive your Anger Management Specialist Certification from the National Anger Management Association! Online course and required Phone supervision included in the Addon above.
NAMA membership fee is extra once the course and supervision are completed.