Expanded (16 Lesson) Teen Book and Workbook


16 lesson book and workbook: What’s Good About Anger? Expanded Book & Workbook for Teens (second edition–2016). Teens can develop real skills for change who have anger management needs. Add the Teen Curriculum below!

New What’s Good About Anger? (second edition–2016) Expanded Book & Workbook for Teens with real life scenarios for application of skills! Geared specifically for adolescents. Add Leader’s guide and Video (65 min) on flash drive above.


Overview and Instructions

16 Lessons:

  1. Anger Survey
  2. Anger’s Many Faces
  3. The Power of Anger
  4. What is Good about Anger?
  5. Defusing Anger by Managing Stress
  6. Handling Anger Effectively
  7. Anger and Assertiveness
  8. Managing Conflict
  9. Turn Your Anger into Forgiveness
  10. When to Take a Break
  11. Plan to Change Your Life by Changing Your Thinking
  12. How Emotional Intelligence Impacts Anger
  13. Building Healthy and Successful Relationships
  14. Choosing Behavior Alternatives
  15. Defusing Anger and Hostility. Dealing with Bullying
  16. Accepting Responsibility for Unhealthy Anger
  17. Facing the Consequences of and Interrupting Aggression


Inventories in Book:

  • Anger Management Progress Report
  • Anger Survey
  • Assertiveness Inventory
  • Empathy Inventory