What’s Good About Anger? first edition DVD


New: What’s Good About Anger? Six-part DVD seminar. Faith-based presentation (110 minutes);

This insightful, practical and educational tool is geared for Christians:

  • struggling with anger management or
  • to facilitate or teach groups and students in classroom and church settings.

Co-authors and speakers – Lynette Hoy, NCC, LCPC, Anger Management Specialist; and Ted Griffin, Editor/writer, Lay Counselor – share everything you need to know about anger along with effective strategies for managing it. This series taped at a recent Chicago-land seminar covers chapters 1-11 from the book, teaching about assertiveness strategies and in-depth concepts on forgiveness.

Topics include:

  • The Many Faces of Anger – various triggers for anger ;
  • Cognitive Distortions;
  • The Process of Anger: the Role of Faith; a Biblical Strategy for Handling Anger;
  • Managing Anger Through Assertiveness ;
  • Applying the Time-Out and Problem-solving Skills ;
  • Forgiveness- The Journey Out of Anger ;

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The certificate courses and workbooks for individuals and trainers are provided by Lynette J. Hoy, a National Certified Counselor, experienced Marriage and Family Counselor, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Crisis Counselor, Anger Management Specialist-111, Supervisor, Consultant and Diplomate with the National Anger Management Association. Mrs. Hoy has trained hundreds of students, couples, counselors, professionals, managers and clients in anger and conflict management.

“This distance-learning anger management course is presented by Lynette Hoy, a National Certified Counselor, marriage and family counselor licensed in the state of Illinois, crisis counselor and anger management specialist. Mrs Hoy has completed the 40 hours of training in domestic violence advocacy. Contact Lynette Hoy for questions about these courses at:
CounselCare Connection, P.C.
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Ph: 630.368.1880