Christian Domestic Violence Educator Certificate Course


You may be a leader or counselor who is interested in certification as a Christian Domestic Violence Educator! You can become Certified through CounselCare Connection, P.C. and use this curriculum for your presentations. Includes domestic violence training manual, audio CD, workbooks, hand-outs, leader’s guide and exam.

You may be a leader or counselor who is interested in certification as a Christian Domestic Violence Educator! You can become Certified through CounselCare Connection, P.C. and use this curriculum for your presentations. This course includes the Domestic Violence Manual (over 142 pages); Overcoming the Darkness of Domestic Violence audio CD presented at an American Association of Christian Counselors conference by Lynette Hoy, NCC, LCPC, the Ten week women’s series (pdf file with duplication rights) and leader’s guide, power point presentation on CD, and final exam.

Certificate of completion is granted when participants successfully complete the application, and final exam! This course provides you with all the educational materials you need to teach your congregation and women a Christian perspective on domestic violence. Only $300.00 plus shipping!

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*Note: This course does not meet the requirements and training by states for recognition as a 40-hour Domestic Violence Advocate.
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CounselCare Connection, P.C. offers domestic violence resources with a Christian perspective for churches and individuals needing education and help.

Audio CD: Overcoming the Darkness of Domestic Violence: A Christian Response – AACC presentation by Lynette J. Hoy, NCC, LCPC, Domestic Violence Advocate, Anger Management Specialist
This one hour audio CD of the workshop presented at the American Association of Christian Counselors Summit on Grief, Crisis, Abuse, Trauma and Terror in Philadelphia provides an overview of domestic violence, assessment of victims, resources, legal issues and how the church can respond.
Listen to the free podcast: Is it Anger or Abuse?

SAFE Relationships Manual:
This manual with over 142 pages of information on the subject of domestic violence will give pastors, Christian counselors, leaders and helpers an in-depth overview of domestic violence, screening tools, safety and legal information and relevant articles to help the abused woman and help your organization determine how to intervene in domestic abuse situations.

Manual and Course Contents:
Part one: The Problem of Domestic Violence and Abuse
Part two: Safety Planning
Part three: Legal Issues
Part four: Developing Safe Relationships – Preventing Abusive Relationships
Part five: Church Teachings, Issues and Program model
Part six: Other Populations at Risk; Wheels; & Resources

SAFE Relationships 10 week women’s series
There’s no excuse for abuse! This series provides information and practical steps to help women who are verbally, physically, economically or sexually abused identify unhealthy or abusive relationships and gain skills in building safe relationships.

The following areas are covered in this series:
1. Understanding Domestic Violence: Power and Control Issues
2. Safety and Self-esteem – Two Priorities
3. Safe Relationships
4. Building Healthy Communication
5. Codependency and Boundaries
6. Understanding Submission and Headship
7. Managing Anger in Relationships
8. Conflict and Collaboration
9. The Power of Forgiveness
10. Moving Forward

Each chapter will present goals which you or students can apply to life and relationships.
• Recognize the prevalence, types and process of abuse. Identify abusive patterns present in your own relationship.
• To assess your level of safety and measure your self-esteem.
• To understand the need for safe, healthy relationships and identify the roles people play in unhealthy relationships. To apply biblical principles to relationships.
• To improve communication skills in order to effectively express feelings, opinions, requests.
• Identify codependent behavior and incorporate boundaries in relationships.
• Identify the biblical teachings of headship and submission in marriage. Apply the principles of love, respect and boundaries to your relationship.
• Identify anger, triggers for anger. Apply strategies for managing anger.
• Assess your style of conflict management and learn healthy skills to manage conflict.
• To learn that forgiveness is possible and a vital part of resolving anger.
• Identify how your life has changed. Apply interventions. To determine steps for moving forward.