Anger Management Trainer-Specialist Home-study DVD Certification Program


Anger Management Trainer-Specialist Certification Course with Adult Anger Management Curriculum (leader’s guide, assessment, DVD, power point tools for groups). Geared for counselors, professionals, educators, leaders, law enforcement or probation officers and others who desire to teach and treat individuals and groups in anger management. In order to fully qualify for the National Anger Management Association CAMS-I or II certification — include the phone supervision addon below. You will receive two hours with a CAMS-III or IV of consultation on how to provide evidence-based anger management treatment and services; set up your practice/business; handle difficult cases and more! Pay for the phone supervision with the addon below now and receive free the 16 lesson combination book/workbook resources for adults and teens. Or pay for the supervision after finishing course (no free resources included). Prefer to order the online training course? Click here!

Anger Management Trainer-Specialist Certification Course with Adult Anger Management Curriculum

For counselors, professionals, educators, leaders, law enforcement or probation officers and others who desire to teach and treat individuals and groups in anger management.

Or take the Online Training Certification Course.

This Trainer’s anger management course for community groups is based on the new edition of What’s Good About Anger? Putting Your Anger to Work for Good. This course is a self-study and includes DVD training, the expanded book, newly revised Trainer’s manual and 4 DVDs (live workshops).

Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of quizzes and the evaluation. Provides: 12 – NBCC CE hours, ACEP #6577 (NAADAC accepts NBCC CE hours); and 12 CEUs by IAODAPCA (ICB) – program # 14506 for: Counselor II, Preventionist II, CARS II, CODP I or II, CCJP II, PCGC II, CAAP II, CRSS I or II, CPRS I or II, MAATP II, NCRS II, CFPP II, CVSS II.
The Anger Management Institute offers training and certification for counselors, pastors, leaders in anger management. Courts, employers, schools and correctional facilities have been accepting and recognizing the What’s Good About Anger? certificate courses and trainers classes throughout the USA since 2002. Order the phone supervision sessions to qualify as an Anger Management Specialist-1 or II with the National Anger Management Association (NAMA membership fee is additional). Add Phone Supervision (2 hours) now and receive the free 16-lesson book/workbook resources for teens and adults! Or take the Online Training Certification Course.

This curriculum includes almost 8 hours of live training from actual 2-day Trainer Workshops! This new training program includes leader’s guides and overviews which correspond to the What’s Good About Anger curriculum. This evidence-based program includes insights on anger and stress management, physiology, assertiveness, conflict management, emotional intelligence, empathy skills, spiritual insights and other helpful resources/interventions. Tools included: CD with power point presentation; DVD (65 min); anger management evaluation, assessments, progress report and inventories! The manual covers the following:

  • Leader’s Introduction and Guide to Leading a group: Safety, Group Guidelines, Physiological Mechanism in Anger Arousal
  • Qualifications for Leaders
  • Identifying Triggers and Underlying Causes of anger
  • Evaluation of Participants and Clients: through Assessment, Intake and Progress Forms
  • Useful inventories to assess assertiveness and empathy skills and levels of stress.
  • Central Issues for Helping People: Identifying Symptoms,
  • Encouragement Skills, Assisting with Key Questions, Dealing with False Beliefs, Providing Options for Change
  • Confidentiality, Legal and Ethical guidelines
  • Identifying When to Refer
  • Leader’s Twelve Session Community Guide with teaching points and foundational principles in anger management for individuals, classes and groups
  • Cognitive Distortions; Restructuring Thinking
  • Turning Anger into Assertiveness, Problem-solving, Conflict Management and Forgiveness.
  • Managing Behavior and hostility in Groups
  • Stress Management and Relaxation skills
  • Helping People Implement a Strategy for Change: Applying Assignments and Principles
  • Teeatment Planning for Anger Control Issues
  • Use of Assessments and Inventories

DVD Training: Almost 8 hours of the Anger Management Trainer Workshop video with NAMA approved Anger Management Supervisors, Consultants, Diplomates & Certified Anger Management Specialist-IV: James Bedell, PsyD, Steve Yeschek, LCSW, CAMS-IV and Lynette Hoy, NCC, LCPC, CAMS-V. The Trainer’s course and DVDs are based on the 2016 What’s Good About Anger? Putting Your Anger to Work for Good book and Trainer’s manuals and Dr. Gary Gintner’s Behavioral Anger Reduction Kit.

What’s Good About Anger? excerpt from Foreword: “This new edition offers practical solutions to anger problems in the form of helpful skills, concepts, and techniques to help anyone deal with anger more effectively. The program increases awareness of emotions and discusses emotional intelligence in a positive way. Lynette Hoy has touched all the bases of state-of-the-art anger management solutions doing so in both a scientific and spiritually sensitive manner.” Dr. Rich Pfeiffer

What participants will learn:

  • How to teach and train struggling clients, groups and students to cope with anger in healthy ways through: assertiveness, problem-solving, restructured thinking, conflict resolution, empathy skills, forgiveness, stress management and more!
  • The nature, sources, triggers, process of anger.
  • When anger is helpful or harmful.
  • Underlying cognitive distortions of harmful anger.
  • Evidence-Based Treatment Planning for Anger Control Problems.
  • Spiritual insights and scriptural examples for learning to manage anger & forgive.
  • The essential role of stress management in anger reduction.
  • DSM – mental health disorders associated with anger problems; readiness or contraindication for anger management treatment.
  • Skills/tools for: assessing/screening participants, evaluation of progress.
  • How to defuse hostility and manage behavior;
  • Effective anger prevention and control strategies, including: communication, time-out, problem-solving, forgiveness, relaxation, restructured thinking, conflict management, etc.
  • The role of emotional intelligence and empathy skills. Will provide teaching tools.
  • Research in anger management.
  • Ethical guidelines for anger management training and support groups.
  • Anger Management Motivational and Problem-Solving Approaches.
  • Session One: Overview of the problem of anger, manifestations and triggers, the physiology of anger, when anger is harmful or helpful. Read chapters 1-3 in the book and lessons one-two in the Trainer’s manual. Stress management and relaxation techniques. Cognitive distortions and restructured thinking skills.
  • Session Two: Teaching effective anger control strategies and motivating clients/students: communication, time-out and problem- solving skills, conflict management, developing a forgiveness process. Managing behavior and defusing hostility- dealing with difficult behavior and hostility styles in treatment of individuals and groups. Overview of emotional intelligence and developing empathy.
  • Session Three: Overview of What’s Good About Anger – Trainer?s manual: anger management group and individual pre-assessment inventories, anger survey, evaluation and progress tools. Ethical guidelines for trainers. Code of ethics hand-out. Assessment and referral for major mental health disorders associated with anger problems. Contraindications: determining when participants/clients not appropriate for anger management treatment.
  • Session Four: Research in anger management. Planning and marketing anger management programs. Overview of anger management motivational and problem-solving theory and skills.

“This course has provided in-depth information thats needed to conduct an anger management class from beginning to end. It covers a wealth of skills needed to help people who volunteer for the course to those who are mandated to take the course. The DVDs were great and informative providing the variety needed to complete the course.” Robbie, counselor. Alabama

You will receive a more in-depth understanding of the causes of anger, training skills to help others manage anger, foundational insights and skills for teaching anger, stress and conflict management, the 2016 Fourth Edition of: What’s Good About Anger? Putting Your Anger to Work for Good, training manual and the certificate of completion upon successful completion of quizzes and evaluation.

Trainers of the distance-learning programs then qualify to become members of and certified by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA membership fee additional: $125.00 or $150.00) and receive the designation of Anger Management Specialist-1 or II after 4 (30 min) phone training sessions (see extra fee above) with Lynette Hoy or Steve Yeschek, NAMA Supervisors.

*Participants will receive certificate of completion. Provides 12 NBCC CE clock hours: Provider #6577(and NAADAC) and 12 CEUs (extra fee) by IAODAPCA – program # 10719. Pay extra fee above. Live 2-day Anger Management Trainer certification workshops provide: 12- NBCC CE hours, ACEP #6577; 12 CEUs by NASW and 13 CEUs by IAODAPCA.

Why should you take an Anger Management Institute Trainer-Specialist Certification Program? The Anger Management Institute Trainer certification programs (live workshops & distance-learning courses) are approved and endorsed by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA) meeting their standards for anger management training. Leaders and professionals completing one of the home-study trainer certificate programs or the live workshops are qualified to receive the nationally-recognized credential of: Anger Management Specialist-1 or II with the NAMA (phone supervision required for home-study programs only).

“The Anger Management institute has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. ACEP No. 6577. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Anger Management Institute is solely is responsible for all aspects of the programs.”