Anger Management Educational DVD Training for Companies, Schools, Staff & Leaders


Teach your staff, managers or individual employees or professional staff all they need to know about anger and managing it effectively. Add the certification course or extra curriculum for teens below to your order!

Anger Management Education for Companies, Schools, Institutions, Organizations for your Staff -includes curriculum with over 4 hours of DVD training!

Need to offer anger management education for your company, managers or staff? You can offer educational seminars with the experts on these DVD presentations! Teach your managers or individual employees or professional staff all they need to know about anger and managing it! This curriculum provides you with the following:

  • over 4 hours of DVD training,
  • 12 (16 lesson) What’s Good About Anger? expanded Book/workbooks,
  • 16 week/lesson Leader’s guide,
  • Power point presentation on CD;
  • Participant outlines.
  • Here’s how you can educate staff to better understand and manage anger and conflict personally, in relationships and the work setting. Provide them with the Anger Management Institute curriculum for helping others!

    The Anger Management Institute offers education, training and certification for professionals, companies, counselors, pastors, leaders in anger management. Courts, employers, schools and correctional facilities have been accepting and recognizing the What’s Good About Anger? certificate courses and educational programs throughout the USA since 2002.

    This DVD training program includes: 16 week leader’s guide for the community with expanded teaching points covering anger and stress management, assertiveness, conflict management, emotional intelligence, empathy skills and other helpful interventions.

    The over 4 hours of live Anger Management Trainer Workshop video on DVDs can be viewed in a group setting or individually. Workshop presenters/trainers- Steve Yeschek and Lynette Hoy are NAMA approved supervisors, consultants, Diplomates and each has been designated as: Anger Management Specialist-IV. These educational. training DVDs are based on the 2012 “What’s Good About Anger?” Putting Your Anger to Work for Good book and Trainer’s manuals and Dr. Gary Gintner’s Behavioral Anger Reduction Kit.

    • Part One: Overview of the problem of anger, manifestations and triggers, the physiology of anger, when anger is harmful or helpful.
      Stress management and relaxation techniques. Cognitive distortions and restructured thinking skills.
    • Part Two: Teaching effective anger control strategies and motivating clients/students: communication, time-out and problem- solving skills, conflict management, developing a forgiveness process.
      Managing behavior and defusing hostility- dealing with difficult behavior and hostility styles in treatment of individuals and groups. Overview of emotional intelligence and developing empathy.
    • You, your staff and employees will receive a more in-depth understanding of the causes of anger, training skills to help others manage anger, foundational insights and skills for handling and teaching anger, stress and conflict management.